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Recipe NameSubmitted By
3-in-1 Cheese Ball Etta Lay
All-Purpose Dip Dorothy Hawk
Almond Cheese Strips Linda Argo
Anna’s Southwestern Chili Lisa Evans
Apple Nut Fruit Dip Lena Jones
Artichoke Crab Dip Jean Jackson
Auntie Anne’s Soft Pretzels Mary Fisher
Avocado Shrimp Dip Polly Dodd
Bacon Cheese Fries Linda Knox
Bacon Basil Cups Robin Sullivan
Bacon-Cheese Toast Bars Allie Brundige
Baked Mac and Cheese Mildred H. Edwards
Baked Onion Dip Denita Jarratt
Banana Goodness Betty Rhodes
Banana-Butter Crackle Jean Kilian
Best Biscuits Marcella Spence
Best Dip Ever Sheryl Breeden
Black Bean Salsa Norma Barham
BLT Bites Karen Frazier
Blue Cheese Puffs Barbara C. Troxler
Breakfast Cups Polly Dodd
Broccoli Cheese Dip Dr. Jean Lewis
Broccoli Cheeseball Linda Bain
Broccoli Dip Betty Rhodes
Buffalo Chicken Dip Villa Maxwell
Buffalo Chicken Dip Jeana Owens
Butter Dips Shanna Yoder
Calico Beans Teresa Vinson
Calico Corn Salsa Jeana Owens
Carrot Croquettes Earleen Stark
Carrot Oven Fries Ester Harmon
Carrot Ring Jane McGee Allison
Charleston Cheese Dip Marcella Spence
Cheddar Corn Chip Bake Polly Dodd
Cheese ’N Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms Jeana Owens
Cheese Krispies Dot Phillips
Cheesy Bacon Bites Angie Rogers
Cheesy Baked Onions Shanna Yoder
Cheesy Shrimp Canapés Nancy Sims
Cheesy Sun Crisps Marie Delffs
Chicken Puffs Patricia Womack
Chicken Wings Teriyaki Dr. Jean Lewis
Chilled Vegetable-Stuffed Mushrooms Barbara Patton
Chinese Snow Peas Jim Buck
Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball Rita Hatchett
Chocolate Meringue Stars Kathleen Yoder
Chocolate-Covered Prunes Earleen Stark
Chow Chow Kathy Suttles
Christmas Brownies Lucille Harrison
Christmas Confetti Salsa Marie Delffs
Christmas Strawberries Phoebe Ray
Cinnamon Chocolate Nachos Mildred H. Edwards
Citrus Cooler Jo Ann Hughes
Coconut Pineapple Ginger Dip Joe E. Pollock
Conversation Corn Crisps Lucille Harrison
Corn and Bacon Dip Marie Delffs
Corn Relish Joyce Hickerson
Country Sunshine Avocado Fries Rachael Wolters
Cowboy Caviar Nancy Ballard
Crab and Red Pepper Spread Polly Dodd
Cranberry Feta Pinwheels Barbara Patton
Cranberry Jalapeño Relish Doris Smithson Temple
Crock-Pot Meatballs Linda Bain
Cucumber Kim-Chee Linda Bain
Deep-Fried Green Beans Betty Rhodes
Deep-Fried Onion Rings Marie Delffs
Dixie Eggs Marcella Spencer
Double-Fried Cajun Tomato Chips Jim Buck
Dried Fruit Cheese Ball Sandra Tipton
Egg Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce Agnes Schrock
Energy Balls Kevin and Rita Coblentz
Escalloped Peas and Asparagus Marie Delffs
Fall Pumpkin Dip Kay Medley
Fresh Mushroom Nachos Maudean Williams
Fruit and Caramel Brie Mildred H. Edwards
Fruit Cocktail Ball Iva Mae Nease
Fruited Ambrosia Nancy Darnell
Giggle Pudding Phyllis Morelock
Gingered Peas and Carrots Lorraine Darocha
Glazed Pecans Patricia Van Houten
Goblin Good Gorp Robbie Jackson Melton
Greek Stuffed Mushrooms Leslie Zappulla
Grilled Barbecued Potato Skins Jeana Owens
Grilled Chicken Thighs with Blueberry Salsa Mildred H. Edwards
Guacamole-Cheese Crisps Carolee Smith
Ham and Cherry Rollups Jeana Owens
Ham Appetillas Wanda D. Wallace
Hearty Beans Lorraine Darocha
Holiday Squares Florentine Klaudene Gourley
Honey Carrots Jim Bookstaff
Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs Stacey Hicks
Hot Artichoke Dip Patsy Kelley
Hot Beef and Cheese Dip Martha Lynn O’Neal
Hot Cinnamon Cocoa Marie Delffs
Hot Pecan Peas Charlotte Rhoton
Hot Pepper Mustard Mary Lou Yoder
Hot Pizza Dip Freda Branam
Hot Pizza Dip Ester Stoltzfus
Hot Pretzels Lorraine Darocha
Hot Spinach-Artichoke Dip Dorothy Jean Beckham
Hotdog Pie Peggy Bryan
Jack-O-Lantern Cheeseball Jo Ann Hughes
Jalapeño Bites Barbara Tedder
Jalapeño Pepper Cheese Dip Teresa Vinson
Jane’s Bacon Roll-Ups Sherry Poe
Kid Kabobs Linda Jane Knot
Lemon Blossoms Wanda D. Wallace
Lemon Broccoli with Garlic Mildred H. Edwards
Linguine with Garlic Sauce Mildred H. Edwards
Loaded Mac Linda Bain
Mini Burgers with the Works Carolyn Devers
Mini Mexican Pizzas Betty Brown
Mini Mexican Quiches Mildred H. Edwards
Mississippi Sin Dip Peggy Bryan
Mississippi Sin Dip Peggy Bryan
Monster Munch Pat Jones
Mustard Dip Barbara Patton
Nutty Stuffed Celery Marcella Spence
Olive Dip Becky Canady
Olive Pepper Pinwheels Barbara Tedder
Orange Pecan Cookies Kathye Jackson
Oriental Coleslaw Lucinda Phillips
Oyster Cracker Snack Mix Shirley L. Revis
Peanut Butter Popcorn Mary L. Butler
Peanut Butter-Hot Fudge Fruit Dip Frances E. Hill
Pear Honey Peggy Bryan
Pecan Chicken Ray Capps
Pecan-Crusted Artichoke and Cheese Dip Mary Ann Crowell
Pepper Poppers Marie Delffs
Pepper Relish Nioma Wagler
Pepper-Tomato Melange Lena Jones
Pickled Garlic Relish Debbie Schmidt
Pickled Squash Marye E. Worrell
Pimento Pepper Teresa Vinson
Pineapple Cheese Ball Margie Gunn
Pineapple Cheese Ball Darcy Deal
Pineapple Cheese Balls Polly Dodd
Pizza Dip Paula Price
Pull-Apart Bacon Bread Kaye Payne
Ranch & Cheddar Pretzels Rachel Wagler
Ranch Potato Cubes Sarah Mangis
Ranch Pretzels Rachel Wengerd
Rice-a-Rolly Balls Jerri Miller
Ricotta-Stuffed Mushrooms Shanna Yoder
Ripe Tomato Catsup Dianne White
Root Beer Pork Nachos Linda Knox
Salsa Rachel Wagler
Salsa Glenda Kauffman
Sausage Bites Debbie Snodgrass
Seven Layer Cheese Dip Mrs. Delmer Lay
Smoky Pecan Puffs Mildred H. Edwards
Spinach and Feta Crescents Jean Lewis
Spinach Bacon Cheesy Dip Polly Dodd
Spinach Balls Betty Moody
Squash Balls Helen Jones
Squash Croquettes Dorothy Hawk
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Brenda Conatser
Stuffed Mushrooms Betty Rhodes
Stuffed Bell Peppers Geraldine Walker
Stuffed Celery Barbara Troxler
Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers Linda Bain
Stuffed Potato Skins Juanita Russo
Summer Squash Salad with Prosciutto Hilda Jones
Super Bowl Cheese Ball Marie Delffs
Supreme Party Mix Dustin Yauilla
Sweet Party Mix Glenda Kauffman
Sweet Pepper-Mango Salsa Barbara Troxler
Sweet Potato Balls Carolyn Devers
Taco Salad Dip Sheri Edmonds
Taco Touchdown Dip Jerrold Nelson
Tangy Poppy Seed Fruit Salad Karen Frazier
Tennessee Caviar Judy Bryant
Tennessee Caviar Wanda Powers
Tennessee Sausage Dip Karen Sue Breeding
Thai Peanut Dip Dayona Starr Hill
The Orange Ball Wayne Kreis
Three-Cheese Mashed Potatoes Sheryl Breeden
Toasted Green Beans Mary Ann Fudge
Tomato Juice Jennifer Sommers
Tomatoes on The Side Reenae Miller
Tortilla Yummies Joanne C. Lord
Turkey Cheese Ball Marie Delffs
Turkey Cranberry Pinwheels Shirley L. Revis
Vanilla Popcorn Rhoda Grace Kauffman
Vegetable Dip Linda Janie Knox
Vegetable Garden Dip Jenny Milam
Vegetable Squares Janie Conley
Veggie Tortilla Pinwheels Darlene Brooks
Veggie Bacon Monkey Bread Irene Greer
Volcanic Hot Sauce Donnie E. Stanfill
Warm Chocolate Eggnog Etta Lay
Watermelon Fire and Ice Salsa Colleen Winningham
White Chocolate Frosting Debbie Brigham
Won-Ton Fun Linda Bain
Yogurt Parfait Charlene Kanagy
Yogurt Parfaits Glenda Kauffman
Zippy Praline Bacon Sarah Mangis
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