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Co-op Financing Options

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative offers three different financing options to suit your unique needs. Financing options vary based on participating agents. Check your local Co-op to find out which of these plans they offer.

Co-op Financial Solutions

Co-op Financial Solutions (CFS) draws on the strength, stability, and solid reputation of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, to provide Co-op members and customers with trusted and appropriate credit and financial products to support their farming operations and rural lifestyle needs. CFS manages accounts and makes credit decisions for participating cooperatives, which allows the Co-op managers and personnel to focus on customer service rather than financing and collections.

CFS services include:
  • Handling account payments
  • Approving new accounts
  • Maintaining credit limits
  • Offering financing options
  • Administering risk management programs such as crop insurance

For Co-op customers, the CFS process is seamless and secure. CFS account payments can still be made at Co-op locations along with the convenient option of paying bills online. Plus, CFS will offer financing programs and options that were never before available at the local Co-op level.

With a total of more than 50 years of credit experience, the knowledgeable staff of CFS is ready to meet the needs of member Co-ops and their customers in a confidential and professional manner. Every customer will have an Area Financial Manager to offer field support and provide updates on new programs and pertinent issues. Our lines of communication are always open.

For more information about CFS, please click here.

AIF Financing

The Co-op is the place to go for top quality products that producers need for their operations: seed, fertilizer, crop protection, feed, fuel, and much more. More and more producers are learning about something else that has been added to the list. You can not plant it, feed it, or spread it, but it will help keep your operation growing just the same.

It is called AgInput Finance, AIF, and is offered by local Co-ops and TFC subsidiaries. It is the most convenient, flexible form of financing available. AIF, a line of credit, producers can use for the Co-op products and services available. For your input financing needs at competitive rates, see a local participating Co-op.

AIF Features:
  • Seasonal Input Credit
  • Minimum credit of $10,000 for inputs
  • Credit available by single or in multiple advances
  • Growing crops typically are used for collateral
  • Monthly variable or fixed interest rates
  • Maturity date to match growing season of particular crop, but never later than April 15, following the crop year

Fast... Flexible... Friendly... AIF only at the Co-op!

For more information about AIF Financing, please click here.

John Deere Financial

You have it all with a multi-use account from John Deere Financial. Empowered with a fast and easy alternative to cash, there's no stopping what you can do. A multi-use account ensures you have the flexibility to stock your operation with inputs you need to keep your business moving forward.

  • Seed
  • Fertilizer
  • Crop protection
  • Parts and Service
  • Fuel
  • Feed

John Deere Financial goes to work for your operation by:

  • Consolidating your ag business purchases on one account with an annual summary
  • Saving money with competitive interest rates using TFC and manufacture sponsored programs
  • Improving your cash flow with flexible payment options
  • Rewarding you with exclusive, deferred-payment finance options
  • Simplifying account management with personal customer service and online access to your account
  • Giving you dependable purchasing power at TFC owned and affiliated local cooperatives as well as over 8,000 merchants and dealers through John Deere Financial

To learn more about TFC's available financing programs, contact your local Tennessee Farmers Cooperative.

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