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The Co-op Round Pen Program brings together all of the resources available for horse owners through Co-op including nutrition, health, tack, hardware, & pasture management at our convenient place - Co-op's Round Pen. In addition valuable information from support organizations like Cooperative Research Farms and The University of Tennessee have resources available through the Co-op Round Pen.

Co-op Round Pen

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Round Pen Headlines

Don't Try This at Home - (6/28/2013) Transition Vaulters of Renaissance Farm blend dance, gymnastics on horseback. A group of young women in Hawkins County is taking the traditional notion of equine sports and turning it ... shall we say ... upside down.

Spring management practices for horses - (2/28/2013) If celebrity groundhog Punxsutawney Phil is right in his prediction, we're set to have an early spring. As the seasons change, so do our management practices. Here are a few considerations that are important for equine owners this spring...

'Ride for the great ride' - (9/28/2012) Karen Mundy's achievements in training and showing quarter horses could be likened to other greats in the world of sports: basketball's Michael Jordan and his six NBA championships, golfer Jack Nicklaus and his 18 major PGA titles, or swimmer Michael Phelps and his 22 Olympic medals.

Feed horses forage first, then quality concentrates - (9/28/2012) As the new equine nutritionist for Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, I've spent the last several weeks familiarizing myself with our product line, visiting our member Co-ops, and meeting many of our members and customers. As I settle into my role...

Ozzy's odyssey - (4/4/2012) A puddle from an earlier rain remains in the field, and the playful horse can't resist the temptation. He eyes the muddy prize from around 50 yards away, takes off in a full sprint...

Help foals grow with proper nutrition - (12/27/2011) As we turn the corner on a new year, it won't be long before we begin to see foals hitting the ground. For those who breed mares and raise foals for profit, rising feed costs have led some farms to reduce horse numbers while others have been more selective in breeding, choosing only their best mares to raise foals.

Big Fun | Quebec's Claude and Janice Bradley are having a ball with their two new 'pets' — Clydesdale draft horses - (10/11/2011) The iconic image of Clydesdales brings to mind a shiny red-and-gold wagon, a tandem of drivers in crisp green uniforms with a sleek, spotted Dalmatian dog riding shotgun, and — most of all — a perfectly matched team of eight resplendent and noble draft horses high-stepping down a snowy New England lane, the long, silky hair above their hooves swaying to and fro as the clip-clops fall in unison.

Trail-riding safety: a little horse sense goes a long way - (10/11/2011) Nothing's better than a relaxing trail ride with friends on a crisp fall day.

Supplementing fat in equine diets takes balance - (10/11/2011) Many horse owners understand the benefits of increasing dietary energy content with supplementary fat. Indeed, additional fat can lead to improved stamina, endurance, and body condition in performance and lightly worked horses.

Mustang language | Columbia horse trainer Kimber Goodman finds niche communicating with the West's legendary equine - (10/11/2011) Kimber Goodman leans close to the mustang gelding, speaking in hushed tones. The animal is calm and responds to Kimber's gentle commands.

Co-op supports efforts of new FACCT group to protect state's animal agriculture industry - (09/1/2011) Farmers, livestock producers, horse enthusiasts and others from across Tennessee are banding together to protect one of the state's top economic enterprises by supporting the Farm Animal Care Coalition of Tennessee (FACCT).

Campaign trail | Dayton's Larry Simpson hopes his spotted saddle horse, Blaze, wins America's vote in reality TV competition - (09/1/2011) Unlike the contestants on many reality television shows, Larry Simpson doesn't sing, dance, or run around in the jungle with war paint on his face to test his survival skills.

EHV-1 outbreak is reminder to practice biosecurity - (08/4/2011) Recently, there was an outbreak of a serious horse disease in the western part of the U.S. Reports of nearly 100 cases of equine herpes virus 1 (EHV-1) caused serious concern among horse owners, and rightfully so.

Performance horses need the right fuel - (08/4/2011) As I visit with equine owners across the state, I realize that low-starch diets have become a "fad" in feeding horses.

A reason to Celebrate - (08/4/2011) Although Tennessee Walking horse professionals Brad Davis of Shelbyville and Dick and Marilee Ewers of Kodak focus on different aspects of the industry — one on training, and the other, breeding — they wholeheartedly share a common love of the equine industry and devotion to Co-op feeds.

Co-op/Celebration partnership in its third year - (06/23/2011) Coming up Aug. 24 through Sept. 3, the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will once again — for the 73rd consecutive year — display the best walking horses in the business in grand style at Calsonic Arena in Shelbyville.

Address horse health before show season starts - (03/24/2011) During the hustle and bustle of getting show horses fit and ready for the ring, don't forget important health concerns to address before the season gets under way.

Proper preparation puts show horses a step ahead - (03/24/2011) Horse show season never ended for some, but for others it is just around the corner. Making sure your horse is in peak condition can be a tedious task that involves a proper health program, dental care, farrier work, and sound training as well as nutrition. Without one of these key elements, the horse's performance may be limited.

New equine, pet supplements provide proven results - (01/26/2011) In most Co-op stores, you will find a wide assortment of equine supplements. I have used many of these products with my horses and only recommend those I have personal experience with.

Foal health depends on more than the mare - (12/22/2010) Nursing foals are a group of the equine population that often gets left out when it comes to animal health. Why?

Creep-feeding can benefit foals - (12/22/2010) As we begin a new year, the 2011 foal crop will soon start arriving! While the anticipation of sex, color, and conformation of these foals has been building since last spring, your main priority will be to sell an attractive, healthy foal.

Foal foundations - (12/22/2010) Debra Brooks makes no bones about it. Yes, she's a horsewoman, but when it comes to a particular management practice, she's ripped a page from the cattleman's book.

Saving Place - (10/1/2010) Rich and Karen don't have a barn office wall devoted to blue ribbons and brass buskets. They don't invest big money in stud fees, hire the equine industry's top trainers, or travel the show circuit in shiny, 30-foot trailers. Karen rides "every once in a while," and Rich has only been on a horse once in his life.

Are your horses ready for winter? - (10/1/2010) The fall colors brightening up the Southeastern landscpe mean that cold weather is just around the corner. Last winter, we witnessed low temperatures across the region. As the mercury on the thermometer decreases, more calories are needed to maintain body temperature in horses.

Blankets can help horses ward off winter's chill - (9/30/2010) For me. there's nothing cozier than snuggling under a warm blanket to ward off winter's chill. Doesn't it make sense that your horse would feel the same? After all, he is likely to be exposed to wind, snow, freezing rain and cold temperatures while turned out during the winter months, and a blanket can help protect him from the elements.

Healthy hooves give horses a strong foundation - (09/01/2010) Architects who design skyscrapers want to make sure the foundation of the building can support the massive structure. Without a strong foundation, the building may crumble over time. The same is true when we consider a horse's hoof.

Proper nutrition leads to good hoof health - (09/01/2010) To maintain structural integrity of a horse's hoof, providing a well-conceived, well-balanced diet that meets all the animal's requirements is a must. Multiple nutrients are essential in order for the horse to grow a good-quality hoof.

Horse deworming isn't what it used to be - (09/01/2010) In the "good ol' days," horses were dewormed on a rigid time schedule whether they needed it or not and regardless of the way they were managed or their stage in life.

Saddle fit: Get it right if you want a happy horse - (09/01/2010) Imagine going on a hike along the Appalachian Trail with a heavy backpack that doesn't fit correctly. After a while, your shoulders ache, your legs start to feel like they're full of lead, and the adventure isn't much fun anymore.

Rein man | Fayettevile horse trainer Ron Pearson excels in Western riding's precisionsprot - (09/01/2010) Under the feather-light touch and deft control of the rider's left hand, the palomino quarter horse slides to a stop out of a controlled gallop, producing a cloud of pale yellow dust that dissipates at a lazy pace.

Co-op is now 'official feed' of TQHA - (08/09/2010) In continuing to show its support for the equine industry, Co-op is now the official feed of the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association (TQHA) under a sponsorship agreement approved by the equine organization in July.

Is your dog an escape artist? Rethink your containment - (07/09/2010) OK, dog owners — 'fess up. How many of you have ever underestimated the cleverness, physical prowess, or escape instinct of your dog and/or overestimated the containment capabilities of a fence or leash and spent the better part of a day chasing Spot around your neighborhood?

Unlikely champions | Bridget Hunt and her quarter horse, June, discover it's never too late for show ring success - (07/09/2010) At 14, the quiet quarter horse was a most unlikely candidate to start a successful show ring career.

'Horse-lovers for life' - (05/28/2010) Allison Branum climbs aboard Rocky, a sturdy Appaloosa, and skillfully leads the horse around the outdoor arena at Split Pond Stables in Philadelphia.

Feeding the elite equine athlete - (04/30/2010) Hard-working horses, padded walking horses, cutting horses, three-day event horses, barrel horses, racehorses, and endurance horses are considered to be the "elite athletes" of the equine industry.

The four 'horses' of forage production - (04/30/2010) One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was, "Look for horses, not zebras.Horses are a lot more common."

Control flies and enjoy the ride - (04/30/2010) Summer is swiftly rolling in, and many horse enthusiasts will begin to spend more time with their horses. Don't let insects be a reason why that quality time spent with your equine companion is any less enjoyable.

Farriers are horse's best friend - (04/30/2010) Choosing a farrier may be one of the most important things you ever do for the well-being of your horse. Your farrier has more to do with your horse's day-to-day comfort and soundness than anyone except you.

"World class" standards - (04/30/2010) With unmatched facilities and expertise, Creekside Stables is earning a reputation as one of the nation's premier training venues for performance raciing.

Prepare to ride by touching up tack - (2/25/2010) The temperature outside is still uncomfortably cool, the ground is saturated from rain and melted snow, and your favorite trails are a muddy mess.

Horse nutrition on a budget - (1/29/2010) Do you remember the old “Total” cereal commercials? The message was: “It takes 10 bowls of ‘Brand X' to get the same nutrition in one bowl of Total.”

Cutting corners on equine deworming can be costly - (1/29/2010) In tough economic times, it is often tempting to cut corners and either delay or eliminate practices that we might normally do.

Horselogic - (1/29/2010) Niota's Reagan family makes the move from economy to premium feed and saves money in the process

Raised on Rodeo - (10/7/2009) From preschooler to professional, Lexington's Jamie McPeake has found success in the saddle.

Co-op becomes official feed provider for Brownland Farm - (10/7/2009) Franklin's Brownland Farm, one of the nation's largest privately owned horseshow facilities and a key destination for hunter/jumper enthusiasts in the Southeast U.S., has inked a sponsorship agreement with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative.

Strategies for managing obese horse - (10/7/2009)This past May, I attended the 21st Equine Science Society Symposium in Keystone, Colo., where research studies were presented in nutrition, exercise physiology, production and management, reproductive physiology, genetics, and more.

Heart of a Champion - (7/10/2009) Wilson County Katie Pride wins top titles with horse that has more passion than pedigree

Power Surge - (7/10/2009) Co-op Endurance equine feeds help win championship for competitive riders

CRF introduces new equine nutrition guide - (7/10/2009) - Horse owners who rely on Co-op feeds already know from firsthand experience that they are quality, nutritionally sound products, but they can now learn more about the science behind those feed formulations with a new, comprehensive guide compiled by Cooperative Research Farms (CRF).

Give proper nutritional support to equine atheletes - (7/10/2009) The focus for nutrition and feeding of athletic horses must be on prevention of acute fatigue and related injuries.

Co-op contines to be 'official feed of the Celebration' - (7/10/2009) In a show of support for walking horse owners and their industry, Tennessee Farmers Cooperative is continuing its popular partnership with the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration® for the 2009 event.

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