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Bunk Feeder  

10' Co-op Bunk Feeder


Constructed from 1 1/4" diameter x 14 gauge galvanized tubing. All welds are zinc paint coated for long lasting durability One piece molded poly tub.

  • 11" deep x 26 1/2 wide x 20" high
  • Deep dish through design for maximum feed capacity
Co-op Super Heavy Duty Hay Feeder  

Co-op Super Heavy Duty Hay Feeder


Item#: 15641

Constructed from 1 1/4" diameter x 12 gauge galvanized tubing with heavy 1 1/2" x 10 gauge performed angles at the end of each of the three sections.

Co-op Super Heavy Duty Skirted Hay Feeder  

Co-op Super Heavy Duty Skirted Hay Feeder


Item#: 15648

Constructed from 1 1/4" diameter x 12 gauge galvanized tubing with heavy 1 1/2" x 10 gauge performed angles at the end of each of the three sections.

Comes with assembly hardware.



Apache Portable Feeders

Apache has been providing the cattle and farming industry with quality livestock feeding and hay handling equipment for 30 years. Whether your operation calls for creep feeders, feeder wagons, hay feeders, feed bunks, bale transporters, or spikes, you can be assured that Apache's equipment will out-perform and out-last other brands. Why? It's Apache's superior design, top-grade materials, and quality control. This means longer equipment life and a faster return on your investment!


Ritchie Waterers


Fresh water on demand 24 hours a day describes what our fountains deliver.

Fresh Water

To provide fresh water, Ritchie uses a shallow trough so when your animals come to the fountain, there is a minimum of standing water, and when they start drinking, they will be getting water fresh from the water line. Ritchie's fountains are also quick and easy to clean for your animals' well being.

On Demand

Animals will not have to wait for water from our fountains. Ritchie's rapid refill valve will keep up with your animals drinking demand, they will not let the trough run dry. We understand our fountains will be placed in locations with a variety of water supply pressures, and we offer alternate valves to compensate for these conditions.

24 Hours a Day

That includes in the coldest winter days. Ritchie's superior, design, insulation, and heat components keep water flowing under the worst conditions. We created our patented Water Seal to provide an air tight seal between the fountains working parts and the outside elements on our poly units. All of our fountains are manufactured tough to withstand the environments they will be serving.


Class 3 Brace Wire

This multi-use single strand wire is ideal for bundling and tying. Can also be used for many other applications around the home, shop and farm, such as hanging tools or shop and household chores.

Item #:

  • 11522 - 9 ga.
  • 11523 - 14 ga.
  • 11525 - 11 ga.

Class 3 Staples

Class 3 galvanization - double what most manufacturers use. Each staple finished with a uniformly sharp point for faster driving and the barb cut on each leg helps lock the staple into the post.

Item #:

  • 111846 - 1 ¼” 8 ga. (8 lb. bucket)
  • 111848 - 1 ½” 8 ga. (8 lb. bucket)
  • 111849 - 1 ¾” 8 ga. (8 lb. bucket)
  • 111851 - 1 ½” 8ga. (50 lb. pail)
  • 111852 - 1 ¾” 8 ga. (50 lb. pail)
  • 11889 - 1 ¾” Knurled Staples (50 lb.)

Co-op Super Heavy Duty Gates

Galvanized 2" x 13 gauge frame and full 2" x 16 gauge filler. One of the heaviest gates available anywhere. Complete with special sleeve threaded rod hinge and chain latch.

Standard 4' tall 6 tube gate item #: 5' tall 7 tube gates item :
12218 - 20' 11024 - 16'
12217 - 18' 11023 - 14'
12215 - 14' 11022 - 12'
12214 - 12' 11021 - 10'
12213 - 10' 11020 - 8'
12212 - 8' 11037 - 6'
12211 - 6' 11036 - 4'
12210 - 4'  

Hi-Tensile Class 3 Woven Wire

The size of a standard field fence combined with the high tensile toughness. One-third lighter than 9 X 11 gauge fencing with the same linear strength. Strong and durable for the long-haul. Double the galvanized coating of Class 1 to fight rust. Higher carbon steel resists sagging. Hinged joints flex with impact and spring back into shape. Graduated spacing separates small animals. Lighter weight makes "Motto" easier to handle and install. Plus it allows wider spacing of posts.

Item #:

  • 11552 - 939-6-12.5
  • 11553 - 1047-6-12.5
  • 11554 - 1047-12-12.5

Motto Barbed Wire

A popular replacement for old fashioned barbed wire because of many advancements and advantages. Motto High Tensile Barbed Wire has the same linear strength but with half the weight of standard barbed wire. Its reverse twist and higher carbon steel reduce maintenance. With double the galvanization on both the barbs and wire, it's armed to combat rust. Yet, still priced up to 20% less than standard bared wire.

Item #: 11426

Spacing Between Bards 5"
Line Wire Diameter 15 1/2 Gauge
Barb Dimensions 16 1/2 Gauge Round Barb
Line Wire and Barb Zinc Coating Class 3
Weight per Reel 42 lb.
Length per Reel (guaranteed) 80 rods
Min. breaking load (guaranteed)950 lb.
Reels per pallet 48
Feet per Roll 1320
Meets or exceeds ASTMA-121  


Wood Posts

All wood posts sold by TFC are treated to AWPA (American Wood Preservers Association) standards. CCA posts are treated to a .40 which is 4/10 lb. of treatment for each cubic foot of wood. Creosote posts are treated to the point of refusal which means the wood is dried and creosote is forced into the wood under pressure until it can't absorb any more.

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