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Crop Protection

This department's overall mission is to supply member Co-ops throughout the state with crop protection products that promote plant health and control economically damaging weeds and insects. One growing segment of the business is the use of fungicides in the form of seed treatments as well as during the growing season. Product managers work closely with basic manufacturers to identify new products, track distributor and dealer programs, and make sure inventory is available to member Co-ops.

Farm Seed

The Farm Seed Department continues to realize excellent growth in the sale of farm seed to member Co-ops and works closely with all major seed vendors to provide a wide range of quality products for growers. Products include seed for major row crops and forages along with those for a growing wildlife segment.

Crop Nutrients

The Fertilizer Department sources a wide range of plant food products from fertilizer manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Fertilizer is delivered in bulk or bags through our extensive infrastructure to member Co-ops by rail, barge, or truck from a variety of river terminals and plants across Tennessee. By working closely with managers of member Co-ops to identify local needs, farmers can be assured that they have access to quality plant food products when and where they are needed.

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