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Best Quality History

In January, 2004, we began to experience price increases from our steel products suppliers in the form of steel surcharges. These surcharges were applied to the cost of any of our products that contained steel including wire, steel posts, roofing and livestock equipment. In some cases this has resulted in as much as a 50% increase in price.

As the proces rise, it becomes more important to purchase products that will last. In the area of fencing, there are products that will last as much as twice as long as conventional fencing products and cost very little more. Also, with the work that is associated with erecting a fence, it becomes more important to build one that will last longer. Why putup a good quality fence wire and use wood posts that are not treated to 30 year standards? Why use wood posts that are treated to 30 year standards and use a steel post that is not primed before it is painted?

These concerns are what started the "Best Quality" promotion in the Farm Hardware Department. We wanted to identify for our customers those items that were the best they could purchase and would last the longest. We developed an emblem that says, "Co-op Best Product" to place on all advertising of that best quality product and, where possible, on the item itself. When the customer sees this colorful emblem, they can be assured it is the best quality they can purchase.

Best Quality Products



Best Quality


Certain Co-op products carry a "Best Quality" decal. These products represent quality as well as value as value for our customers. You'll see this emblem on products such as super heavy duty bale movers, super heavy duty hay feeders, 10' bunk feeders, super heavy duty gates and super heavy duty coral panels. Although all Co-op products are quality products, look for this decal to know you're getting the "Best Quality."

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