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Recipe NameSubmitted By
A, B, C Sandwich Marie Delffs
Bacon Cheese Burgers Edith Weldon
Barbecue Sandwiches Delmer Lay
Barbecued Chicken Wraps Besse L. Gentry
Best Bet Burgers Mildred Edwards
Breakfast Sandwiches Debra Douthat
Cheesy Chili ‘n’ Rice Wrap Debbie Wright
Chicken Walnut Wraps Betty Farrar
Chicken Waldorf Sandwiches Mary L. Butler
Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich Allie Rhodes, 2
Crab Salad Tea Sandwiches Mildred H. Edwards
Easy Pimiento Cheese Carol Walker
Egg Omelet Sandwich Linda Bain
Fruit-Salad Sandwiches Carolyn Devers
Garden Tortilla Wraps Ester Stoltzfus
Garden Tuna Sandwiches Melissa Hankins
Hawaiian Chicken Burgers Glenda Kauffman
Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches Jeana Owens
Hoagie Sandwiches Polly Dodd
Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches Wanda D. Wallace
Hot Ham and Asparagus Toast Judy Crouse
Jim’s Portobello BLT with Cheese Jim Buck
Kreis Angus Farm Special Wraps Wayne Kreis
Low-Fat Quesadillas Amy Romberg
Microwave Rueben Sandwiches Evelyn Whitehead
Mozzarella Burgers Polly Dodd
Nut Burger Patties Earleen H. Stark
Onion-Mushroom Burgers Frances L. Haynes
Pa Buck’s Burgers Jim Buck
Party Sandwich Loaf Michael J. DeGeorge
Party Sandwiches Peggy Stricklin
Pear Waldorf Wraps Etta Lay
Pecan-Crusted Chicken Waffle Sandwiches Mildred Edwards
Picnic Club Sandwich Carolyn Devers
Pocket Lunch Marilyn D. Combs
Sandwich in the Round Sheryl Breeden
Skinny Veggie Wrap Grace Page
Sloppy Joes for 100 Shirley L. Revis
St. Patty’s Benedictine Finger Sandwiches Dick Meschendorf
Supreme Pizza Wraps Elizabeth Howell
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wrap Polly Dodd
Taco Lettuce Wraps Linda Bain
Tenderloin Wrap Linda Bain
The Classic Burger Teresa Vinson
Tomato Sandwich Megan Hart
Tomato-Turkey Wrap Melody Yoder
Turkey Burgers Floradine Wilson
Vegetable Egg Wrap-Ups Maudean Williams
Wafflewiches Mildred Neely
Witch’s Pennies Earleen Stark
Wow Burgers Linda Bain
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