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Metal Fabrication

TFC's Metal Fabrication plant is dedicated to providing today's farmer with the best products available to suit their individual farming needs. With over thirty five years experience, our top of the line gates, corral panels, bale movers and feeders are made with quality materials and dedication to workmanship to provide farmers with an economical, high quality product that is second to none.

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative began manufacturing a complete line of farm gates in 1971, when the Metal Fabrication Plant was built in LaVergne, Tennessee. Spawned by a desire to provide a complete line of high quality metal products at a reasonable price, the LaVergne plant has increase its product line to include tubular and stockade panel gates, hay feeders, bale movers, corral panels and bunk feeders, as well as other items.

The Co-op Metal Fabrication Plant specializes in galvanized construction because the protection of galvanization allows the product to maintain its strength and appearance longer than any other coating. Raw materials are ordered with a special triple coated galvanize topped off with a protective clear coat, to make Co-op products provide years of service for our valued customers.

Raw materials are received and inspected to insure they meet the quality standard requirements before they are put into production. They are then formed into the components that make up various products. Every weld is done by hand on Co-op products, and then coated with zinc paint to provide long lasting durability. Final assembly is the next phase, making sure all necessary hardware is packaged with each product, and then secured for shipment. During each process regular inspections make sure quality is maintained and that Co-op customers get the top of the line products they have come to expect.

Tennessee Farmers Co-op produces some of the best gates and livestock equipment available, with a wide selection to suit many different applications. All Co-op gate lengths are designed to fill a specific size hole. For example, a 12' gate is not exactly 12' long; it fits between two posts with a 12' space between them. This is an important point to remember when putting up a new fence or building a livestock barn. Prime pasture gates are available in 3' and 4' sizes up to 20' in 2' increments. Super heavy duty gates are available in 2' increment sizes from 4' to 20' lengths in a 4' tall gate, and 4' to 16' lengths in a 5' tall gate. Super heavy duty gates also have a special heavy duty hinge with a threaded ¾" rod for added strength. Stockade panel gates come in 3' to 16' lengths.

  • The Co-op has two styles of corral panels, a 16 gauge panel available in 10' and 12' lengths by 5' tall, and a 12 gauge panel in 10' and 12' lengths by 6' tall.
  • The Co-op's Metal Fabrication plant also produces 3 different round bale feeders, 5' and 10' bunk feeders, post drivers, calf creep panels, and a wide variety of 3 point hitch and front end loader bale movers.
  • The Co-op also offers a custom build gate service for special applications. These are normally priced at an extra 65% for length to the next standard size and 40% extra for every foot of height over standard. Special order gates require 6 weeks lead time for delivery.
  • Visit your local Co-op retail or shop our online catalog for more detailed information on quality Co-op products.

Certain Co-op products carry a "Best Quality" decal. These products represent quality as well as value as value for our customers. You'll see this emblem on products such as super heavy duty bale movers, super heavy duty hay feeders, 10' bunk feeders, super heavy duty gates and super heavy duty coral panels. Although all Co-op products are quality products, look for this decal to know you're getting the "Best Quality."

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