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Lucky one Hoke Culbertson enlisted in the Navy in the summer of 1941 before Pearl Harbor and America’s abrupt entry into World War II. All these years later, he occasionally wonders how many like him — those se 
Beyond the basics Byyyyyyyyyyyyy the mid-1950s, most of Tennessee’s farmers owned at least one automobile and many had traded in their horse and plow for a tractor. As the farmers’ needs were evolving beyond the basicsStory by: Sarah Geyer
Soda Pop Junction With its 19th century buildings, railroad museum, and small-town atmosphere, it’s no wonder downtown Lynnville has been described as something “straight out of a John Wayne Western.” Soda Pop JunctionStory and photos by: Morgan Graham
Building a beefy business David Merritt is finally content with the size and scope of his cow/calf operation. In less than 10 years, the 32 year old expanded one small herd raised on a rented farm by tenfold. Today, his operatStory and photos by Sarah Geyer
The Sweet Impact of Community Involvement Rutherford County’s Keith Elrod purchased his first beehive in 1995 to help pollinate his newly planted apple trees. The pollinator novice looked forward to joining the local beekeeping association, bStory and photos by: Morgan Graham
Ice cream dream What’s better than a big scoop of ice cream? How about supporting local farmers while you eat it! That’s exactly what you can do at Shop Springs Creamery, a recent addition to the Turner Dairy. LocBy Allison Farley, Photos by Hannah Nave
Positioned for profitability Story and photos by: Glen Liford As dairy producers look for ways to become more efficient in the face of challenges the industry is facing, some are turning to technology for help. In the last twoStory and photos by: Glen Liford
Make the fungicide decision with data One of the most frequent questions I get this time of year is, “should I spend the money to spray my corn with a fungicide?” We generally use many factors to come up with the answer to that questi 

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