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Time to get growing

Make preparations now for summer gardens
By Chris Bowman, Faithway Customer Care Representative 4/23/2021

May is the month to get your summer garden started and plant everything you want before hot weather sets in. Here are some suggestions for your May gardening:

Water, water, water

Make sure to water everything that has been newly planted. It doesn’t take much for transplants to dry out and die before they have a chance to get

established. Check every day for adequate moisture until plants take  off and start to grow.

Give a healthy prune

Prune back spent flowers on your perennials. This will manicure your garden and can stimulate reblooming of delphinium and columbine, as well as other perennials. Selectively prune spring-flowering shrubs such as azalea, forsythia, weigela, lilac, beauty bush, and mockorange to control their growth and improve their shape. It will also increase their bloom next year.

Stagger seeding for results

Stagger planting by seeding every week or two through July so you have flowers and vegetables in the garden until frost.

Get more flowers

When planting summer annuals, consider pinching and removing the flowers to stimulate branching and the production of many more flowers.

Use fungicide when needed Spray fruit trees and grapes early in the month with preventative fungicides. Don’t use insecticides until all blooms have disappeared or you may harm the bees.

Support your vines

Be sure to train new vines onto trellises or posts with the aid of twine. Use plastic twine to support the weight of the vine throughout the growing season.

Interested in starting a garden this year, but don’t know where to start? Head down to your local Co-op for all your supplies, tools, and more. The knowledgeable staff will be there to answer questions and help you pick the right plants and planters. Happy summer planting!

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