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Thank you, Johnny


Johnny Brady, a committed dairyman from Riceville, served with effectiveness and grace as a member of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative’s board of directors for nine years. The 2019 annual meeting marked the end of his long tenure as a Zone 3 director on the nine-member board. 

During his time as a TFC director, Johnny served as vice chairman in 2014 and 2015, and his fellow directors elected him chairman in 2016. He was outstanding in his service as chairman of the board, going the extra mile many times to represent farmers and other Co-op patrons from not just East Tennessee but other parts of the state as well.

Ever the humble servant, Johnny told the 2010 annual meeting audience upon his election that “I don’t feel like I’m worthy of this, but I will do the best job I can.” Those who served alongside him the preceding three years on the board of Valley (now AgCentral) Farmers Cooperative thought otherwise. AgCentral Chief Executive Officer John Walker witnessed Johnny’s poise and sound decision-making firsthand, saying Johnny was “a good fit” for the TFC board.

“He has an ability to remove what’s good for Johnny in favor or what’s good for the Co-op,” said Walker. “We will all benefit from his judgment and decision-making on the TFC board.”

For the next nine years, the dedicated McMinn County dairyman, whose 500-acre farm with son Scott includes a 100-head Jersey dairy, registered Angus cattle, Bermudagrass, and silage corn, helped guide TFC through a period of sustained financial strength. And in doing so, he was able to interact with, and gain feedback from Co-op farmer owners throughout the system.

“It’s an eye-opening experience to

meet employees and boards of the local Co-ops and hear how they are trying to reach people beyond the boundaries of

everyday agriculture,” said Johnny. “I always leave impressed by their knowledge and understanding of why the Co-op

system exists.”

We thank Johnny for the countless hours he has devoted over the past nine years in furthering the Co-op cause in Tennessee. Our entire system will continue to reap the benefits of his efforts and contributions.

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