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Avoid downtime

Prepare your pull-type spreader for the job ahead
By GreenPoint Ag Agronomy 3/17/2021


No. 1 Check for any broken welds, including hopper, tongue, and sub-frame. The corrosive effects of product can take its toll over time.
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With the spring planting season underway, it’s important to maximize your productivity. A good place to pick up efficiency is by keeping equipment in good working order. You may choose to rent your spreader or even contract with your local Co-op for lime and fertilizer application. But if you have your own equipment, you want to make sure your equipment is ready to go when the weather breaks. 

“A little preventative maintenance can ensure your spreader is ready to go when you are,” says Trey Smith, manager of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative Ag Equipment business. “You will be more efficient and get more accurate coverage while avoiding downtime and expensive repairs.”

Follow these seven steps to stay ahead of the game.

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