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Still thankful

Will lessons learned from quarantine stick?
By Glen Liford, Editor 5/26/2020

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee began the first step toward getting things opened up again, at least on a limited basis, starting on April 27. The step brought with it a measure of relief to many, but uncertainty remains. There is still much controversy over whether the move is coming too soon. Some speculate that we will lose all we have gained from the shutdown, and all our efforts will have been in vain. Others deem it time to face reality and get back to “normal.” Whatever normal is.

I don’t have a crystal ball. It’s challenging to put my thoughts into words at this point, when no one really knows what to expect even as this issue goes to print. 

And, of course, we shouldn’t forget to thank all those who have continued working during the crisis. Essential workers like those in the health care industry, local grocery store employees, and the folks at your local Co-op, among many other businesses deserve recognition and thanks for all they have continued to do during this time. 

I’m writing this during my eighth week of working from home. I have been fortunate that my work has been steady during this period, and even increased as our team has striven to keep members and employees informed of critical updates on the situation and what it means to our business and the many customers who are depending on Co-op. We have carefully shaped our messages to reflect this sensitive time for our members and our communities. The shutdown has had a tremendous impact on agriculture and commodity prices. These effects will not be fully realized for quite a while. Our thoughts and prayers are with those folks as we continue to work together to provide for their needs.

Whether your situation has been relatively normal or drastically changed by this spring’s historic events, I hope you are looking at life a bit differently. 

For myself, I’m finding new ways to be grateful for simple things. I’ve had precious time with my wife, who has been working from home during much of this time, too. My family has stayed in touch via group texts and frequent phone calls. I have a great nephew who was born on February 12 just before this ordeal began, and my niece has been sharing daily photos of him each morning. Those pictures have given all of my family something to look forward to. And it’s hard not to have hope and thankfulness in your heart as you look into those innocent eyes.

I’ve read some scripture, too, and have thought a lot about the verse that says, “Be still and know that I am God…” It has given me a lot to think about as we fill up our days and nights

without many of the usual distractions.

I hope as things begin to return to normal, we all don’t forget these weeks. There are things and activities that I had to do without during this quarantine. But many things I

haven’t really missed at all after the first few days. I hope we are all more appreciative for the simple things, and that we don’t soon return to taking them for granted as whatever passes for normal returns.  

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