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Co-op reaches historic milestone

Let’s get ready to celebrate 75th anniversary
By Glen Liford, Editor 1/6/2020


Glen Liford, Editor
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Tennessee Farmers Cooperative is turning 75 years old in 2020, and we’re planning to mark this milestone appropriately. Throughout the year, we’re going to feature stories in The Cooperator about our history and the characteristics that make this valued organization distinctive. We hope you find these pieces enjoyable and informative and that they provide you with even more good reasons to support your local Co-op.

The first story to kick off this series appears on page 26 and takes a look at the urgent need that led the innovative founders to establish this system that has served the farmers so well.

In addition, you will want to watch Co-op social media for fun and educational content as well. We have some surprises planned that you’re sure to enjoy. And we expect our Throwback Thursdays to be especially popular as we dig deep into the Co-op archives for some vintage pictures. If you have images you would like to share, please send us copies. We’ll take a look and see if there are places they might fit. After all, this is your business.

We will publish a special anniversary edition of The Cooperator in the fall that includes highlights from Co-op’s rich history. The celebration will culminate at TFC’s annual meeting in November, and plans are already underway for a host of special activities related to this momentous achievement. We’ll announce details nearer the time of the meeting.

We’re looking forward to sharing this celebration. We think it’s important for our customers, our employees and, most importantly, our farmer owners to understand the cooperative difference. Current and future Co-op members should appreciate the value of their Co-op and realize the hardships that were endured and the sacrifices that have been made, all with the goal of giving farmers a secure, reliable source of products and services available at competitive prices to keep their own operations running efficiently and profitably. The Co-op system is one of the last seven regional farm supply cooperatives left in the United States, and one of the last truly federated systems. Co-op’s story is unique. Our farmer members should take pride in their ownership and feel a bond with this business.

Today, there are other places to shop for farm supplies. But none are like Co-op.

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